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Jacirendi Xakhar "Despacho for the Goddess Isis"
Jacirendi Xakhar   
Despacho for the Goddess Isis   
Acrylic on Canvas  11 x 14    $ 250

Despachos are offerings with which we show gratitude for all

that we have been given or will receive.

Jacirendi Xakhar "Dreaming My Way Home"
Jacirendi Xakhar  
Cappadocia Calling  ~  Dreaming My Way Home 
Acrylic / Canvas  11 x 14  $ 260

What can be said about a place that you didn't know existed, that begins to call to you, painting itself night after night before your eyes in your dreams. Once the painting is completed, you realize this place has always been in your heart.  This fairytale-like landscape is calling you home.

Jacireni Xakhar "Where Heaven and Earth Meet"
Jacirendi Xakhar  Where Heaven and Earth Meet  
Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 24   $760

For people who are rooted in the desert, where the dry heat is ever present, a garden means so much more - it is literally paradise on earth and water is Creator's gift.  Thus gardens become the meeting place of heaven and earth.


Glenna Goodacre "Rivermaidens
Glenna Goodacre   Rivermaidens   Bronze
24 x 18 x 18   
Edition of 25   $19,500
Glenna Goodacre "Rivermaidens"
Glenna Goodacre "Rivermaidens"
Glenna Goodacre "Inner Thoughts"

Glenna Goodacre   Inner Thoughts    Bronze    Edition of 25   $5,700      

S A L E  $3,800

Richard MacDonald   Flutist  Bronze  1999
51 x 35 x 22  Request Price
GARY O'GARA (1949-2017)
Gary O'Gara (Solace II)
Gary O'Gara  (Solace II)    Oil   18 x 24    $800  


Glen Rogers -Ancient Secrets II

Glen Rogers  Ancient Secrets II   

Monotype  30 x 22  $750

Glen Rogers "Over The Moon"
Glen Rogers  Over The Moon
Oil on Canvas w/Gold Leaf 
27 x 27    $2,500
Glen Rogers -Celestial Cycle

Glen Rogers   Celestial Cycle   

Monotype   30 x 22   $750

Art & Sacred Sites,

Connecting with

Spirit of Place

by Glen Rogers

is available here for

$55.00 plus shipping.

Glen Rogers' solo exhibition in Lima, Peru, October 2016

International BiennIal of Printmaking

J.D. Challenger -Two Crows
Two Crows was for many years a leading chief of the Omaha tribe. He was tall, strong and very active even when he became an old man. He was born about the year 1820, and died at his home among the Blackbird Hills in the year 1895.  He was a firm friend of the white people during all his long life.  
Addison Erwin Sheldon

J.D. Challenger    Two Crows     Acrylic on Canvas    36 x 36    $ 19,500  

S A L E    $15,000


Dane Clark -Northern New Mexico

Dane Clark   Northern New Mexico Winter     Oil     20 x 30    $ 2,950

IMG_1494 2 2.jpg
Mallory White   Green Pears on Red  
Acrylic on Canvas  24 x 30   $700
GAYLE WALKER (1949-2006)
Gayle Walker "La Marchanta" - Watercolor
Gayle Walker   La Marchanta    Watercolor  
Image Size 19.5 x 13.5    
Framed Size  32.5 x 26.5    $ 850
Sale percentage to Española Valley Humane Society


Donna Howell-Sickles - Soul Searching Series IV

Donna Howell-Sickles  

Soul Searching Series IV: Red Fish  

Acrylic  36 x 36   $12,500    

S A L E   $8,500

Carl Berney - Crysallis
Carl Berney   Crysallis    2000
White Colorado Marble  24 x 12 x  6 
Carl Berney "Crysallis"