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Aaron Freeland
Aaron Freeland
Aaron Freeland
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Each monotype above is 22 x 30 (paper size)  $ 1,250 
Robert Orduno "Whope and White Crow"
Robert Orduno  Whope and White Crow  
Limited Edition Serigraph  
30 x 29    $800
Robert Orduno
Robert Orduno   Ceremonial Time
Mixed Media
17-3/8 x 23-3/4
Four Directions, 60x40 Acriyic jp 2.jpg
Robert Orduno  Four Directions   
Acrylic/Canvas  40 x 60 
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The southern direction is the color red, the place of the wolf and the mouse, where we begin.  Then we travel to the north on the good red road, to arrive at wisdom, the place of the white buffalo, the color white.  On the way to the north we become and embrace both the power of the west and the east medicines.  The west is the feminine, introspection and the place of the black bear.  The east is masculine, the place of the eagle and the color yellow. 
Patrick Swazo Hinds -Kachina Dancer
Patrick Swazo Hinds (1924-1974)
Kachina Dancer  Lithograph   
H 30" x W 22"  23/70  $ 1,200
(from "Pueblo Dancers" portfolio #4 of 5)
The above stone lithograph from "Pueblo Dancers" portfolio was drawn and hand-printed at Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM in September/October 1972.  They are printed on hand-made paper.  All stones and plates have been effaced.


Tammy Garcia - Kokopelli

Tammy Garcia (Kokopelli) 12 x 12  x  3/4"  Bronze    

Edition of 25  

Sold Out Edition  $ 4,800  

Framed Size  21 x 21

R.C. GORMAN  (1931-2005)

R.C. Gorman -Esta
R.C. Gorman  Esta  State I  1981  
Lithograph   30 x 22   $2,500
R.C. Gorman -Chili Peppers
R.C. Gorman   Chili Peppers    1987   Lithograph  
28 x 36   Please request price
Poteet Victory
Poteet Victory   Oil on Canvas   60 x 44    
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JOHN NIETO (1936 - 2018)

John Nieto -The Corn Grinder

John Nieto  The Corn Grinder   Acrylic on Canvas    

48 x 60    

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John Nieto  "Reclining Squaw" 60 x 72  Acrylic/Canvas

John Nieto   Reclining Squaw    

Acrylic on Canvas    60 x 72    

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