The California missions were founded by the Spanish missionaries who visited the area in the 1700's.  Starting in 1769,  21 missions were built along the length of California, from San Diego to Sonoma in this new land of California. They were built approx. 30 miles apart, about one days journey by horseback, all along Highway 101 and near the El Camino Real.  The first seven California missions were founded by Father Junipero Serra.  The remaining were founded by his followers.  


These commissioned paintings were thoroughly researched and created by the artist Ted Emiston, a self-taught San Juan Batista artist.  Ted traveled the mission trail for two years as he studied the history of each mission and experienced the land and structure of each site before putting brush to canvas. The paintings reflect the setting that most closely resembles their appearance at the time of their original construction.  

The California Mission Paintings are listed here in the order of their completion.

This unusual and treasured collection of the 21 California Mission Paintings is now available for purchase. 

Each oil painting is 18 x 24 and is framed in a 4" gold frame measuring 26 x 32 with a brass plate indicating mission name and founding year.

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Ted Edmiston "San Diego de Alcala"
SAN DIEGO DE ALCALA - 1st Mission    San Diego, California
SAN CARLOS BORROMEO DE CARMELO - 2nd Mission   Carmel, California
SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA - 3rd mission    Jolon, California
Ted Edmiston "San Gabriel Arcangel"
SAN GABRIEL ARCANGEL - 4th mission    San Gabriel, California
Ted Edmiston  "San Luis Obispo de Tolosa"
SAN LUIS OBISPO DE TOLOSA - 5th mission    San Luis Obispo, California
Ted Edmiston "San Francisco de Asis, Mission Dolores"
SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS,  MISSION DOLORES  -  6th mission   San Francisco, California   
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO - 7th mission    San Juan Capistrano, California   
Ted Edmiston "Santa Clara de Asis"

SANTA CLARA DE ASIS - 8th mission     Santa Clara, California

Ted Edmiston  "San Jose"

SAN JOSE  - 9th mission     San Jose, California

SAN BUENAVENTURA  - 10th mission   Ventura, California

Ted Edmiston "Santa Barbara"

SANTA BARBARA - 11th mission      Santa Barbara, California

Ted Edmiston "La Purisima Conception"

LA PURISIMA CONCEPTION  - 12th mission    Lompoc, California

Ted Edmiston "Santa Cruz"

SANTA CRUZ  - 13th mission     Santa Cruz, California

Ted Edmiston "Nuestra Senora de la Soledad"

NUESTRA SENORA DE LA SOLEDAD  - 14th mission     Soledad, California

Ted Edmiston  "San Juan Batista"

SAN JUAN BATISTA - 15th mission     San Juan Batista, California

Ted Edmiston  "San Miguel Arcangel"

SAN MIGUEL ARCANGEL - 16th mission     San Miguel, California

Ted Edmiston "San Fernando Rey de Espana"

SAN FERNANDO REY DE ESPANA - 17th mission  Mission Hills, San Fernando Valley, California

Ted Edmisto"San Luis Rey de Francia"

SAN LUIS REY DE FRANCIA - 18th mission    Oceanside, California

SANTA INEZ - 19th mission     Solvang, California

Ted Edmiston "San Rafael Arcangel"

SAN RAFAEL ARCANGEL  - 20th mission     San Rafael, California

Ted Edmiston "San Francisco de Solano"

SAN FRANCISCO DE SOLANO  - 21st mission     Sonoma, California