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My second major invention was to get my 360-degree camera to work from a helicopter without being attached to a helicopter; an FAA requirement.

Michael Lawton - New York Harbor
Michael Lawton  New York Harbor
Michael Lawton - Cerro Autana, Venezuela
Michael Lawton  Cerro Autana, Venezuela
Michael Lawton - Boston Harbor
Michael Lawton  Boston Harbor
For 50 years I've travelled the world.
Ten of those years as a member of a Society of Travellers,
The National Geographic Society.
A special time in a special place with extraordinary people.
The images for sale here are 360-degree panoramics created with a camera I designed in 1970.  
I believe my camera to be unique to this day, as is my career.  
This camera works from a helicopter, has been over the Andes at 16,500 feet
and has photographed at 20 below zero in Antarctica.  
More than the works of an experienced photographer,
you are buying the photographs and adventures of a traveller.
Come adventure with me here.
                                                      Michael Lawton
Michael Lawton "Island of Santorini"
Michael Lawton  Island of Santorini
 Akrotiri was a Cycladic Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini.  The settlement was destroyed in the Theran eruption sometime in the 16th century BC and buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of fine frescoes and many objects and artworks.  The settlement has been suggested as a possible inspiration for Plato's story of Atlantis. Akrotiri has been excavated since 1967.
All Image Rights Reserved To Michael Lawton. 
ALUMINUM Dye Sublimation Metal Float Print
Michael Lawton's images are fused to an aluminum base w/300 degrees of heat.
The color and sharpness are superior.  A hanger is adhered to back.
17" x 60"   $ 3,000
ARCHIVAL INKJET PRINT on Canvas or Traditional Photo Paper Print.   
Unframed Prices:   15" x 39"  - $ 495   /   24" x 66" - $  695   
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Video
Michael Lawton "Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta"
Michael Lawton  Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Michael Lawton - Canyonlands
Michael Lawton   Canyonlands, UT   Mesa Arch
Michael Lawton -The First Man To Walk In Space
Michael Lawton     The First Man To Walk In Space - Aboard a Soyuz mock-up
Michael Lawton - Machu Picchu
Michael Lawton  Machu Picchu
Michael Lawton "Machu Picchu"
Michael Lawton  Machu Picchu
Michael Lawton - Death Valley
Michael Lawton   Death Valley
Michael Lawton - Coit Tower
Michael Lawton   Coit Tower, San Francisco
Michael Lawton -Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Michael Lawton  Preservation Hall Jazz Band - New Orleans
Michael Lawton - "Salto Angel, Venezuela"
Michael Lawton  Salto Angel, Venezuela
Michael Lawton - Hanoi
Michael Lawton  Hanoi
Michael Lawton - Golden Gate Bridge
Michael Lawton  San Francisco Harbor/Golden Gate Bridge
Michael Lawton "San Juan Mountains, Colorado"
Michael Lawton   San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Michael Lawton - Yosemite Valley
Michael Lawton  Yosemite Valley
Michael Lawton   Old Comiskey Park
All Image Rights Reserved To Ray Belcher.
Ray Belcher   Market Street, San Francisco, CA   
Silver Gelatin Photograph   8 x 8    $ 2,200
See more Ray Belcher Photography in "New Mexico Artists" 
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